Data Center Solutions

Data Center Solutions

Clamis provides end-to-end Data Center solutions to ensure business continuity and optimization of infrastructure costs. Our solutions are driven by efficient CLAMIS PDBO (Plan, Design, Build and Operate) approach for implementing Tier 3 Data Centers across both homogeneous and heterogeneous environments. We partner with IT product vendors supplying Hardware (Servers, Storage, Network, Backup etc) and Software (Monitoring and Help-desk tools) to provide total solution.

Data Center Migration and Consolidation

Data center migration includes tower-wise ( Servers, Networks, Applications, Databases, Storage and Backup) planning based on DR capability and geographical reach. Migration plans are developed based on application criticality.

The migration activity is aligned with various Service Providers ( Telecom/ CoLo), product vendors, insurance agencies and logistic providers for a smooth DC migration.

Clamis will carry out migration which includes location identification, rack layouts, lift & shift of IT assets, implementation, testing and go-live.

Consolidation of assets would include reuse of existing assets, addition of new assets based on future requirements, virtualization, and cost savings due to optimal planning of Assets, thereby reducing power and rack space.